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Since 1990 we have been manufacturing for our customers with qualified employees, efficient processes and modern technical equipment.

Our range of services includes the assembly of printed circuit boards, cable assemblies as well as the development, production and assembly of electronic assemblies, cable harnesses, control elements and terminal devices. We specialize in prototypes and series production as well as the optimization and (further) development of industrial assemblies. At the same time, we are driving forward the development of our own products, such as our TruckScale system.

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Our customers come in particular from the electrical engineering sector and appreciate flexibility, quality and medium-sized solidity.

Location Hauröden / Germany

In the north Thuringian Eichsfeld we have 15 employees and 1100 m² of production and storage space in the district of Hauröden. A long-standing partner network supports us in complex customer requirements.

Location Staniszcze Małe / Poland

In 2009, we established a cooperation partner in the field of electronics assembly in the town of Staniszcze Małe near Opole. This has since enabled us to better serve important markets in Central and Eastern Europe and keep production capacities flexible.

Quality management


Quality policy

We work for our customers!

You are customer and partner at the same time, because only together with our company can be successful in the future. We want to identify and implement new challenges and projects in cooperation with you.

New products ensure the continued existence of the company. Our knowledge, our competence and our innovative spirit secure the requirements and wishes of our customers. The constant change of the market offers an opportunity for more growth and requires constant monitoring.

The managers take responsibility for the common goals in quality management. The quality management is continuously adapted by them, communicated to the employees and made transparent to the customers.

We want to maintain, increase and expand our market share. This is achieved by opening up new business areas. This leads to the necessity to continuously adapt the employee motivation and the know-how of our company to the current requirements through training and further education.

The consistent implementation of the requirements of environmental protection and occupational safety, together with the quality of our products and services, must be ensured in order to meet the demands of the market.

Our company operates for profit. The aim is to ensure the continuity of the next years, to prepare the transition to a new generation and to solidify a higher added value in the Eichsfeld.

In this way, we want to safeguard our quality standards, enable growth and ultimately continue the performance-related and motivational remuneration of our employees.

Existing structures must be challenged when it comes to improvements in the manufacturing chain. In this way, we express the goal of increasing quality and thereby competitiveness. We invite employees to make suggestions to make manufacturing processes more efficient.

Recognized errors are opportunities for us to improve. The principle of “error prevention instead of error elimination” is given top priority in order to identify and eliminate possible causes of errors through preventive measures.

Die fortlaufende Verbesserung des gesamten QMS ist eine Aufgabe für alle.The continuous improvement of the entire QMS is a task for everyone.

Satisfied employees are the capital of our company, have an external effect on the region and are multipliers for the recruitment of skilled workers.

By setting quality targets, we promote our employees’ qualitative awareness of our customers’ products. Satisfied customers reflect the quality class of our employees.

The qualification of the employees, the information of the management and the appreciation of the workforce are concerns of LUXOTRONIC Werk 2 GmbH.

The quality policy formulated by the management serves as a guideline for striving for continuous further development of our company. This requires active involvement and implementation by all employees.

The quality policy is made known to the employees through notices and training courses in the company. Furthermore, it is published on the Internet for interested parties.

It forms the framework for the definition of quality objectives, the evaluation and further development of the results achieved.

Their adequacy is assessed in the annual management review.

Environmental protection

Active environmental protection and the use of renewable energy sources are part of the corporate philosophy. Today, we are already in a position to generate the electrical energy required in the company entirely from solar power. We are equally convinced of the importance of sustainable and resilient supply chains.


We are your EMS service provider with a feeling for precision.