LED Solutions

High-quality LED boards and LED ribbons

Discover our highly individualised lighting solutions with optimised light yield but minimised power consumption.
Our area of expertise: LED chains and boards in oversize.

Surface illumination

We are able to build your individual LED moduls in our circuit board assembly. Our LED boards guarantee you a perfect illumination with optimated light yield and the lowest power consumption. In addition to individual measurements and shapes (standard measurements up to 905 x 500 mm) low installation heights allow an ideal use for luminaire construction or modification.

LED-Lösungen LED Flächenbeleuchtung


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LED-Streifen im Raum vom Boden bis zur Decke

Oversized LED boards up to 1,50 m

We have a separate production facility, which is perfect for building LED boards in oversize (so called long board LED or super size LED PCB). The manufacturing dimensions for oversized boards can reach up to 1.500 mm in length, 0,8 mm in height and 10 mm in width (in special cases even below).

After each production we check your LED module optically as well as via function test. We provide the LED PCB with a data matrix code as standard, which means that we can ensure that the LED batch used and all other components can be traced for you.

Upon special customer request, the LED longboards also receive an individual plain text label with your specifications.

LED chains

High quality, flexible & variable

Flexible use, freely re-shapable and of high quality. Our LED chains adapt perfectly to every situation: whether in the advertising industry, for ceiling lighting or for discreet highlighting and lighting of exclusive finished products from the industry.


Product features

Fields of application


Order development

Light - exactly where you need it!

On request, we develop highly efficient LED solutions in addition to our own products, according to your specifications and wishes. No form, application or technology is too fancy here.

Our range of services includes the creation of concepts and plausibility studies, the selection of suitable LEDs, components and carrier materials, layout creation, thermal management and product design that is optimized in terms of production and manufacturing costs.

We are your EMS service provider with a feeling for precision.