Printed circuit board assembly at the highest level

THT placement of wired components, fully automatic placement of components on the latest SMD placement technology and mixed placement in small and large series can be realized.

THT assembly

Conventional THT assembly is carried out exclusively by trained and experienced personnel, who use modern and constantly maintained equipment in their work. All components are thus accommodated on the printed circuit board with the highest precision and reliability.


SMD Assembly from small to large series

Fully automatic placement of components on state-of-the-art SMT placement technology with up to 5000 components per hour with a placement accuracy of 0.05 mm.

SMD printed circuit board assembly is the core of our ESD manufacturing area. High-quality production technology combined with qualified personnel result in top quality for demanding customers.


Placement of wired LEDs

We have extensive know-how in the assembly of wired LEDs with a distance of up to 12 mm from the surface of the printed circuit board.

We are your EMS service provider with a feeling for precision.