Installation, testing, packaging & logistics

We connect your components with mechanics and housing – including programming, calibration and final test.

Whether a simple manual installation, the production of a component for a system application or a complete electronic or electrotechnical device – with Luxotronic you get the appropriate service depending on the customer’s request.


We have many years of production experience in device construction for applications in schools and laboratories, in components in the field of house and consumer technology and in the industrial application of lighting systems with glow lamps, light emitting diodes (LED) and cold cathode tubes.

Performances & Service


Final installation

Our qualified specialists guarantee high precision in the installation of mechanical and electronic assemblies and devices.


Testing & Examinations

The final inspection guarantees reliable quality assurance with regard to the equipment and function of the installation parts.



If required, we can supply complete devices and systems with operating instructions and packaging.



We deliver your assemblies, devices and systems reliably and on time – within Germany and across national borders.

We are your service provider with a feeling for precision.